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No Thank You, Josh Harris

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Earlier today, it was brought to my attention that Joshua Harris included The Life After Podcast in a resource list that leveraged sign-ups on his website to receive ongoing marketing emails that advertise his $275 deconstruction course.

The issue isn't offering a course or even its price; there are people that I'd pay that price for. My complaint is that when Harris used the podcast we decidedly provide for free (I understand the post-ministry struggle, too, plus I'm a single parent who lost relationships with my Christian family after coming out as queer) as a means to market his content without ever asking for consent or giving knowledge, it didn't just misrepresent Josh as having a relationship with our show to a few hundred potential new listeners, but it also implicitly exemplified problematic behaviors The Life After Podcast aims to address for people deconstructing Christian Fundamentalism and harm of its culture. These behaviors include disrespecting others' consent, appropriating the work of others as means to spreading one own's (monetized) messaging, centering celebrity belief, and pivoting with public figures who show patterns of remaining in the public spotlight by reinventing themselves instead of making appropriate, self-decentered amends for previous harm.

I understand that the resource that included The Life After Podcast is no longer used on his website to attract email sign-ups but trust this message will be sent to the 600+ who received the since-discontinued list without our permission.

Thank you, Brady Hardin

Host of The Life After Podcast



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