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WIN a The Life After Podcast T-Shirt & Tote Bag

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

How sharp are your Ex-Evangelical Sleuthing Skills? Do you want to win a The Life After Podcast T-shirt and Tote Bag from the New TeePublic Merch Store?

Find ALL of the Evangelical References (in order) in the New Patreon Commercial for a chance to win! Follow these steps to play:⁠

Step 1. Find all the Evangelical references hidden in The Life After's new Patreon commercial⁠

Step 2. Rate and review The Life After Podcast on iTunes (optional )⁠

Step 3. BONUS: To double your chances, find and identify the hidden Evangelical sound bite in the latest episode, The RED Flags of Ted Dekker (hint, it's not during the interview)

Step 4: Email your answers (in order!) to with the Subject Line "Super Sleuth"

Step 5. Wait until September 30th when the winner will be drawn and announced!


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