Daily Devotional + Faith Deconstruction = Daily Deconstructional


Leaving Christian Fundamentalism can be a very confusing time without much guidance. Most people you come in contact with won’t understand what it was like to grow up going to Awana Clubs, watching McGee and Me, binge reading Frank Peretti, or jamming out to the WOW compilations.


Don't worry! You're not alone! Daily Deconstructional combines Faith Deconstruction (the process of leaving your faith) with the Daily Devotional book genre to create a life-affirming guide to life after Christian Fundamentalism, regardless if you land on not believing in God, having a more liberal idea of God, joining a coven, practicing spirituality, etc.


This is a 7-Day Preview of the full book, which is expected by the beginning of 2020


BONUS: 20% promo code for the future full version is included!

Daily Deconstructional (7-Day Preview Version) by Brady Hardin


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